Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

Wearing contact lenses can get tricky if you do not know how to insert them in the eye. Also, some people are unaware of some fundamental rules when it comes to wearing lenses. These easy tips and tricks will help you keep your eyes healthy and contact lenses safe.

Can You Wear Lenses Over the Expiration Date?

Never wear your pair over the recommended time and replace your lenses often. Also, disposable lenses are only suitable for one-time use, so try to wear them only once. Moreover, never sleep in lenses as it can cause an eye infection or irritation.

Clean Hands Before You Wear Contact Lens

Remember to wash your hands with soap before you put a contact lens in the eye. Any residue or leftover substance on the fingertips can irritate the eye. Also, dry your hands with a clean towel before you touch them. Tap water usually consists of bacteria that can grow on your pair and lead to infections.

Putting Contact Lens in the Eye

The easiest way to put in contacts is with the tip of your index finger. Take your contacts out of the case gently with your finger. Then, rinse thoroughly on the palm of your hand. Use a high-quality contact lens solution to clean the pair. Afterward, insert the lens in your eye by gently dragging the bottom lid and place the contact lens with care in the eye.

Take Off Contacts From the Eye

Removing contact lenses is as easy as inserting them. All you need to do is clean your hands before touching the eye. Pinch the lenses with your index finger and thumb and remove them gently. This technique is to take out soft lenses. However, gas-permeable lenses are easier to remove. All you need to do is pull the skin from the corner of the eye to the ear. It will help loosen the lens in your eye and it will fall right off. Also, this is the easiest method to remove contact lenses without pinching.

How to Store and Clean Contact Lenses

A multi-purpose contact lens solution is the perfect way to clean lenses. It serves various purposes, including rinsing, disinfecting, and cleaning. Besides, you can also buy a “no-rub” solution to avoid rubbing contact lenses. However, experts suggest rubbing them to remove any debris. A hydrogen peroxide solution is an effective way to thoroughly clean contact lenses. But, it is not suitable for immediate use in the eyes. So, read the instructions carefully before using this lens solution.

Do NOT Clean Lenses With Water

Water consists of tiny microorganisms that can cling to the lens surface. It can cause serious eye infections and build upon the lenses. So, never rinse contact lenses with water to avoid such irritation. Another common mistake is wearing contacts in the shower. Hot showers and steam are the perfect growth conditions for bacteria and may cling to your lenses.

Clean Your Lens Case Often

A dirty lens case is the breeding ground for different microbes. It also carries dust particles that can harm the eyes. So, always clean the case with a disinfecting solution every time you wear your contacts. Also, replace your case frequently.

Why Do Lens Hurt?

Sometimes, a lens may hurt in the eye if it is inside out or a substance stuck to its surface. Look closely and rinse it to remove any excess material. You can use rewetting drops to clean lenses or a solution other than hydrogen peroxide.

You Still Need Your Glasses

Wearing lenses does not mean that you can get rid of your glasses. However, there are some UV blocking contacts available that can filter these rays. To stay extra cautious, wear your UV protection sunglasses in bright sunlight to avoid damage to the eyes. is offering unique and new affordable products in Pakistan at a reasonable price. For more info visit the relevant category.


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