What are the Best Lenses for Glasses?

The lenses in your glasses matter more than a frame in determining the comfort and better vision. There is a wide range of coatings and types of lenses that it becomes difficult to choose one. Nowadays, prescription lenses are available with various features that enhance your vision and provide sun protection. Our guide to choosing the best lenses for glasses will assist you in deciding for yourself. Read through the different eyeglasses lens types according to your needs.

Prescription Options For Eyeglasses

Choose the prescription lens for your glasses from the following options according to your needs.

Single-Vision Lenses

These lenses correct a single field of vision and are suitable if you have only one eye disorder. The correction can be for long-distance or short distances. Besides, these lenses come in the standard polycarbonate material for durability and impact resistance. So, these lenses are safe for everyday wear and also come in high index materials. You can get these lenses in any frame of your choice for perfect vision.

Reading Lenses

These lenses are suitable for near vision correction. Those who require glasses to read can opt for this option for clear vision. The power of these lenses ranges from +0.25 to +4.00. Also, we can fit these lenses in any glasses frame that you desire.

Progressive Lenses and Bifocal Lenses

Progressive or multifocal lenses have three different fields of vision without any line separating them. These are the best glasses lenses for more than two eye disorders as they have a seamless finish without a distinct line. Bifocal lenses merge two different lenses in one with a separation between them. This type of lens accommodates long-distance vision and short-distance vision in one pair.

How to Choose Best Lenses for Eyeglasses?

Choosing the right lenses for your needs in your glasses or sunglasses is as important as the frame. You can select the features in these lenses depending on your lifestyle and preference. Opt for clear lenses for regular use or get blue light blocking lenses if you use a computer screen for a long time. Apart from the coating, lenses come in different materials depending upon the needs.

Thin Lenses for Glasses

Thin lens glasses made of material other than regular polycarbonate lenses have a lightweight feel. Usually, lenses become thicker as the prescription number increases. However, our hi-index lenses are light and compact to fit any frame. You can choose from various prescription options available on our website.

High Index Lens of 1.67

These super thin lenses are comfortable and easy to wear, unlike the thick glasses lenses. Those people with an Rx number of more than 3.25 can opt for these lenses. The lightweight material keeps your glasses comfortable all day. Also, the frame does not feel heavy on the face. However, the best frames for high index lenses are the sturdy ones to keep your lenses in place.

High Index Lens of 1.74

These ultra-thin lenses are the most lightweight yet durable ones available in the market. Also, these prescription lenses can accommodate a higher Rx number than any other type. These highest index lenses provide comfortable wear despite the high prescription number.

Glassesmart provides the option of these lenses with any glasses of your choice. You can opt for any lens according to your needs. We craft every lens taking the requirements of all prescriptions in mind. You can order your glasses with the desired lenses from our website and receive them on your doorstep.


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