Solotica Hidrocor Cristal


The light-toned grey shade Solotica Hidrocor cristal comes with a hint of minty green shade. This striking color comes at a reasonable price in Pakistan. Besides, this pop of color adds vibrancy to your look and comes without any outer ring.

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Out of stock

The lack of a limbal ring makes this pair a natural and subtle way to add some color to your look. This seamless finish of Hidrocor Cristal Solotica gives a multidimensional color with a perfect blend. Also, Hidrocor cristal on dark eyes look incredible because of the high opacity.

Content  Water: 38%, Material: Polymacon: 62%
Diameter  14.2mm
Base Curve  8.7
Power Range  Plano

-1.00D to -6.00D (0.50 steps)