Freshkon Gleaming Green Lenses


Get the most natural effect with the beautiful Freshkon Gleaming Green Lenses available on our website. This green tone does not look artificial in the eyes and comes with the softest feel.

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Out of stock


Gleaming Green Freshkon Colors Fusion Lens has a unique effect with the dark specks of grey and black color. This tone looks stunning against the emerald green background for a subtle finish. The intricate pattern looks similar to the original design of the eyes for daily wear. Besides, you can shop these high-quality lenses at an affordable price in Pakistan.

Content 55% Water
Diameter 14.2mm
Base Curve 8.6
Power Range -0.00D (plano)
-0.50D to -6.00D (0.25 steps)
-6.50D to -10.00D (0.50 steps)